A little poem on this cold evening.

Hey, folks!
I tried out a non-iambic (primarily trochaic) style of poem for my craft class. It was a fun experience. I also wrote a triolet for this week that I’m incredibly excited about, so I’ll be posting that soon, as well as a thorough update about my life, new books, movies and things (spring break next week! aw hell yes).
Have a great night, guys. All my best.

Write me

Try to take this pen, pry it from

hands that hide my face in mornings,

hands that hide in pockets, watching

me shuffle in stolen Converse

from Macy’s, a parade I want you

to see, clowns and firetrucks and

bands and me, marching heavily

down the road that’s going sideways,

backways, gives way to the beat my heart

writes for you and sobs for you like

rivers between horizontal

blue lines. Watch me, break me, write me


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